MSI leaks specifications of 14th generation Intel processors and their performance.

The release of the “new” 14th generation Intel processors seems to be truly imminent! After witnessing a comprehensive review of an engineering sample of the i7 14700K, it’s now time for MSI to contribute by unveiling a video on YouTube ahead of schedule, which provided further details about the “new” models.

According to the slide, the 14th generation Intel processors are named “Raptor Lake-S Refresh.” In comparison to their predecessors, there are no changes in architecture or the manufacturing process, which remains the same as “Intel 7”.

In terms of core count, only the i7 14700K stands out with an increase in the number of E-Cores, while the 14600K and 14900K remain the same as their predecessors. With slightly higher boost frequencies, the “new” models are on average 3% faster than their predecessors. Of course, this excludes the 14700K, which has more cores than the 13700K.

slide leak msi

The expectation is that Intel will officially announce its “new” generation in September.

Source: MSI via Videocardz

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