i7-14700K ES tested, being up to 17% faster than the i7-13700K!

With the launch of the upcoming 14th generation Intel CPUs getting closer, it’s natural that benchmark results for the new models start to emerge, such as the case of the Intel Core i7-14700K, for which an engineering sample was tested and compared with the i7 13700K.

The CPU in question features 20C/28T with an 8P+12E configuration, which represents an increase of 4 E-Cores compared to the 13700K. Furthermore, it boasts a boost clock of 5.5 GHz and a base clock of 4.3 GHz, an increment of up to 200 MHz compared to its predecessor, and mind you, these frequencies might not even be final!

In synthetic benchmarks, the 14700K showcased an advantage of up to 17% in multithread performance and just under 5% in single-thread performance compared to the 13700K. However, in gaming scenarios, the margin was even narrower, which was to be anticipated considering we are dealing with the same architecture, albeit with a slightly higher frequency and a few additional E-Cores.

Além disso, fizeram testes com overclock, com o 14700K ES atingindo 5.8 GHz nos dois primeiros P-Cores e 5.7 GHz nos demais, o que é similar aos atuais modelos de 13ª geração.

O lançamento dos “novos” CPUs Intel de 14ª geração é esperado para os próximos meses.

Source: HXL (@9550Pro) via WCCFTech

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