More details of Ryzen 8000 “Strix Point” APU Emerge: 16 Cores and 16 Compute Units RDNA3.5

Can’t wait for AMD to release an APU for the AM5 socket? Well, even though we don’t have a Ryzen 7000 APU for desktops yet, they’re already working on its successor, yes, we’re talking about the Ryzen 8000, codenamed “Strix Point”.

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According to a leak from the folks at PerformanceDatabases, the new “Strix Point” APU represents a significant leap over “Phoenix”. Not only does it bring the new Zen5, Zen5c, and RDNA3 architectures, but it also increases the core count.

For instance, in terms of Zen5 cores, there are four, while there are twelve Zen5c cores. In other words, “Strix Point” should integrate 16 cores, doubling that of “Phoenix.” It’s worth noting that AMD’s “small” cores, the ones with a “c” at the end of their name, are equivalent to the “big” cores in terms of execution resources, with the difference being in the layout, optimized for area and efficiency, and they operate at lower frequencies.

Beyond the CPU part, the integrated GPU has also received an update, with the RDNA3.5 architecture and an increased number of Compute Units, going from 12 to 16. This should be excellent news for handheld gaming enthusiasts, such as those interested in devices like the “ROG Ally” and “Steam Deck.”

The TDP range of the new APU remains identical to its predecessor, ranging from 28 to 54W, albeit in the context of the “mobile” version as indicated by the leak.

There’s no confirmation regarding when the Ryzen 8000 “Strix Point” APUs will hit the market, but it’s possible that AMD might reveal some information at CES 2024.

SOURCE: Peformance Databases via Videocardz

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